2018 / 08 / 16 - International “Madonnari” Competition in ItalySponsored by Art Dreamers

This is Terena’s first time to join an international street art competition. Terena is a Hong Kong based painter. Apart from doing her personal artworks related to emotion. So far, She has completed and participated in more than 40 community art projects, street
art works, 3D mural paintings and 3D floor painting in Hong Kong, USA and China. Her attitude and passion always bring her some different opportunities. She learnt to paint street painting from a professional artist based in US. After a year, she wanted to challenge herself. Luckily supported from Art Dreamers, she went for the International Street Painting Competition in Italy. This experience impressed her a lot and strengthened her confidence to keep promoting art in Hong Kong.

“I was so thankful and lucky. Thank you for supporting me and appreciation. This Italy trip amazed me and impressed me more than I expected! Everyone came and participated in the street art festival, which scene I have never seen before. What’s a great atmosphere! It drives me to have more desire to try to promote street art and community art in Hong Kong.”